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In The Boardroom With Steven Humphreys, Chief Executive Officer, Identiv

In The Boardroom With...

Steven Humphreys
Chief Executive Officer

There's a massive data overload today. There are about half a billion digital cameras out there and maybe 12 billion hours a day of digital video being generated. Everyone on the planet could be watching a couple hours of digital video everyday and we still wouldn't be able to cover it all. So, that information is useless from a security perspective. No one is watching all of that footage. Same thing holds true for doors — there are a billion and a half electronic doors in the world. If they are used about 100 times each day this equates to about 150 billion access events which can't possibly be tracked. That is where our acquisition of 3VR comes into the picture. We’re adding an analytics platform to video surveillance to eliminate the impossible need to watch those events. The machine will watch them, and when there is an event that seems to be meaningful, Identiv can now show it to you. The integration is moving forward in really meaningful ways. 3VR Video Intelligence is a single platform for real-time security and consumer insights that allows organizations to protect their employees, customers, and assets, as well as enhance store operations and shopping experiences. 3VR Video Intelligence with Velocity Software is a complete physical access solution providing event-driven video viewing and integrated alarm management by correlating live and recorded video with access control events. 3VR Video Analytics with Location Intelligence for Actionable Insights provides insight into visitor behavior based on mobile device (MAC ID) analytics with video for more data intelligence.. More