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Deployable Solutions for Border Security by Airbus Defence & Space

The current challenging situation at many national borders is dominated by uncontrolled immigration, infiltration of terrorist groups and smuggling.

Early detection of potential threats and illegal activities are crucial and provide the basis for focused counter measures within those infiltration corridors. It has been proven that the construction of high walls and steel fences along national frontiers is not an adequate solution.

The key to secure monitoring of borders is the use of early warning and fast reaction capabilities. Dependent on the operational scenarios these are best provided using either rapidly deployable surveillance posts which are discrete in deployment and operation or stationary fixed tower installations. Such systems employ powerful radar and optronic sensor suites which are able to execute surveillance missions on the spot, lasting from just a few hours up to several days. If the threats are proven to be more persistent, long-term surveillance stations can be deployed with even more powerful sensors and logistic equipment.

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