Why Attend?

  • Discuss the latest challenges in protecting the maritime domain in the Middle East
  • Listen to senior Naval officials on their missions carried out in the region
  • Analyse the cooperation between regional Naval Commands at combating piracy in the Gulf State
  • Review the latest ISR technologies available for Naval Forces
  • Network with 100+ attendees from the Middle East from the public and private sector

Maritime Surveillance Middle East

Doha, Qatar
25th November 2014 - 27th November 2014


Maritime Situational Awareness from Space: New Capabilities = Increased Effectiveness & Lower Overall Costs

25th November 2014

08.30 - 15.00



There are three global commons, where all nations of the world both meet and interact, thus have a stake in seeing that there is order.  Those three commons are:  Space, Maritime,  and Cyber.  This workshop will layout a new way of providing substantially increased maritime situational awareness using unclassified Space Systems.  It will involve interaction in all three commons.  Even more importantly, this system will provide its users substantial increased effectiveness in patrolling the maritime areas of their responsibilities, while providing significant savings over the long run.

Maritime security at all levels begins with situational awareness.  Situational awareness is driven by the needs of the recipient, from national command authorities down to the on-scene tactical commander of a small unit, be it on sea or land.  In between are a number of strata of needs, from strategic down through operational to tactical.  As one descend down this continuum the need for timeliness increases in most, if not all cases.  Clearly,  “one size does not fit all” and thus one system cannot be “all things to all men.” 

This workshop will lay out concepts and guidelines that, if adopted and practiced, should increase maritime situational awareness and thus maritime security, for all whom practice the concept to be presented.  It is recognized that any good concept of operation is a fluid document, capable of growing and changing with the times and then present conditions, and thus this concept will not be provided as something struck from granite and steel, but rather a set of facts to help all guide their actions for the good of all nations and peoples of good will.  It also recognizes that each individual situation is best addressed by the nation or group of nations in the region affected, so it will not try to reorganize local entities.  It will strive to provide a new, largely unused, set of tools centered on new space capabilities to aid in substantially in improving maritime situational awareness.



08.30 Registration

09.00 Introduction

09.15 SAR Satellites, The game changer

10.00 SAR Satellites

10.45 Coffee Break

11.00 Communications Satellite Systems

11.30 M2M Comms, little known and appreciated even less

12.00 Networking Lunch Break

13.00 Optical Imagine systems

13.45 Coffee Break

14.00 Dynamic Data Analysis, Making sense out of all of this

15.00 Close of Workshop



Participates will get a detailed overview of the 5 elements needed to implement a cost saving way to dramatically more effectively monitor their maritime areas of responsibility.  This will include a look and the 4 different types of space systems which need to be integrated into a coherent whole and the technology which does the data correlation.



Guy Thomas, Co-Founder, C-SIGMA Coordination Centre, USA