Why Attend?

  • Opportunity to review the latest European Space Capabilities
  • Analyse the need for space collaborations due to tighter military budgets
  • Discuss the importance of space situational awareness due to the increase in satellites in orbit
  • Review how satellites are being used for intelligence missions and imagery of combat zones
  • Understand the importance military satellites play in warzones and intelligence missions
  • Network with leading space and satellite industry officials and experts

Defence Satellites

Brussels, Belgium
10th May 2016 - 12th May 2016

Event Overview

With an increase in the use of satellites being used by the armed forces to support combat operations and intelligence missions overseas Defence Satellites will provide you with an in-depth view of European Space capabilities.

With many military budgets being cut it is becoming tougher for nations to support allies in overseas missions. Many governments support military satellite imagery and surveillance operations to assist allies in combat missions overseas. This is a large shift in previous support militaries used to do as the cost to too high to send troops on the ground and provide air support. Military Satellites are now the first option many governments offer. With this shift there is a greater need for nations to have the most efficient space capabilities and security.

Our inaugural Defence Satellites conference and exhibition will also discuss how leading European Agencies are advising and supporting EU Space Programs and Missions. With military budgets being stretched to the limit there is now more collaborations taking place in space programs, which will be discussed with a focus on the smaller European nations who are working together to build their space programs and capabilities.

With more satellites in orbit many European agencies have to monitor national satellites from colliding, meaning situational awareness is a pivotal part when launching new satellites into orbit.

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