Why Attend?

  • Large gathering of senior US government officials discussing cybercrime and emerging cyber threats
  • Analyse the latest cyber security threats faced to US government infrastructure
  • Discuss the emerging cyber threats being seen by law enforcement officials
  • Listen to how the Financial Sector are securing their sensitive information
  • Network with senior US government officials over 3 days
  • Take part in our vibrant exhibition where the private sector will showcase their latest cyber defence solutions

Cyber Intelligence USA

Arlington, VA, USA
18th June 2014 - 20th June 2014

Event Overview

Cybercrime is still a major cause of concern for many government departments, and combating these cyber threats is becoming harder due to the sophisticated and complex manner the criminals are using.

Many government departments need to get ahead of the game when it comes to identifying the threat and source of the attack. Cyber Intelligence is becoming a more prominent tool to hijacking cyber attacks on critical infrastructures. In recent months the US government has announced that they do not have the proper the protection to stop a huge cyber attack on their government computer systems and national grid.

Cyber Intelligence USA will bring together senior government and law enforcement officials to discuss the latest recent cybercrimes that have taken place and the emerging cyber threats that are developing. With this focus the audience will be able to gather intelligence on how to succesfully protect themselves from cyber attacks and how to use cyber intelligence as a tool to stop the criminals gaining control of their networks.

The event will also provide an international perspective allowing attendees to hear how other nations are protecting their critical infrastructure / cyberspace. 

To take part in this event either as a speaker, sponsor, exhibitor or as a delegate please feel free to contact us at info@intelligence-sec.com or +44 (0)1582 346 706