Why Attend?

  • Analysis the regions cyber security plans, strategies and capabilities
  • Understand cybercrimes faced to government infrastructures
  • Discuss the importance of information sharing between nations/governments
  • Focus on cyber threat intelligence techniques 
  • Network with leading public sector officials from across EMEA
  • Learn different types of attacks being faced to government computer systems
  • Review the latest cyber defence products available from the private sector

Cyber Intelligence Europe 2017

Bucharest, Romania
5th September 2017 - 7th September 2017

Corneliu Visoianu

Corneliu Vișoianu, PhD serves as Strategikon Vice-President, and coordinator of the Good Governance Department. He is a former Advisor to the Prime Minister. With more than 25 years dedicated to developing civil society and its relationship with government, Corneliu is a panelist, speaker, consultant, and mentor on Ethical Values in Public Affairs.