Why Attend?

  • Analyse the latest cyber security strategies being used in Eastern Europe
  • Discuss the importance of sharing information between the public and private sector
  • Understand the need for high level intelligence when monitoring computer networks
  • Review how Romania has developed its cyber defence systems
  • Network with regional officials from the public and private sector
  • Develop an understanding of the cybercrimes being carried out in the region

Cyber Intelligence Europe 2016

Bucharest, Romania
29th September 2016 - 30th September 2016

Event Overview

Cyber-attacks are continuing to rise across Europe with many government and private sector firms being attacked through Malware, DDoS and Trojan Horse attacks and losing sensitive information. Cyber Intelligence Europe 2016 will once again take place in Romania who is the leading cyber security nation in Eastern Europe with a high level of investment being used to create a strong cyber defence strategy for the region.

Our 4th annual Cyber Intelligence Europe conference and exhibition will bring together leading public sector officials who will discuss the latest challenges and threats they are facing to their computer networks. There is now a greater need to track the criminals and a high level of intelligence is needed to monitor computer systems and tracing the threat before it is too late.

Cybercrimes have also been on the increase in recent years and many companies and critical infrastructure organisations have been attacked. This has created a greater need for the public and private sectors to share information to combat against the criminals.

Don’t miss out on taking part at our international Cyber Intelligence Europe event on the 29th - 30th September 2016.

For more information regarding this international event please contact us at info@intelligence-sec.com or +44 (0)1582 346 706.