Why Attend?

  • Analyse the smart city initiatives being developed in the city of Milton Keynes
  • Discuss the concept of a smart city 
  • Review current smart cities across Europe and the United Kingdom
  • Understand the new technologies and concepts that create a smart city
  • Oversee how connectivity and IoT capabilities are critical for smart cities
  • Network with leading innovation specialists from across Europe

City Innovation Europe

Milton Keynes, United Kingdom
25th October 2017 - 26th October 2017

Event Overview

European cities are embracing the smart city concept with many now classified as a “smart city”. Local councils are now focussing resources on creating efficient, eco, safe and smart cities to adapt to pace and life of society now. Milton Keynes is currently in the process of developing their smart city concept.

Cities and urban areas are continuing to grow and are now in a state where its citizens are expecting their cities to be efficient, eco, smart and developed, to aid with the daily life needs. Factors such as connectivity and IoT are a major issue that many urban areas are developing to allow their citizens to be able to be connected 24/7 when out and about.

Other focusses being implemented at nation levels are eco/green cities that assist with the global climate change agreement. Being energy efficient and keeping pollution to a manageable limit is high on many governments’ agendas. There is an importance of creating green spaces within urban areas to help create eco/green spaces within a bustling city.

Public transport in major cities across the United Kingdom are now using electric technology to help lower pollution levels and lower the running costs of public transport. Currently, there has been an increase in developing public transport further with driverless transport which is being tested in various cities across Europe.

City Innovation Europe 2017 will take place in Milton Keynes, United Kingdom a city that is developing their capabilities to become a smart city. Participating at our inaugural event will provide you an in-sight into leading smart cities across Europe and the United Kingdom as well as looking at cities that are developing their smart city capabilities.

To be part of our inaugural City Innovation Europe event either as a speaker, sponsor, exhibitor or delegate please contact us at events@intelligence-sec.com or call us at +44 1582 346 706.