Why Attend?

  • Analyse the CBRNe threats faced to the United Kingdom
  • Review European Military CBRNe capabilities
  • Understand first responder techniques to a CBRNe attack
  • Discuss recent case studies of CBRNe attacks faced across Europe
  • Network with the largest gathering of CBRNe officials in Europe

CBRNe Summit Europe 2019

Birmingham, United Kingdom
9th April 2019 - 11th April 2019



Thursday 11th April 2019

08.30 - 13.30

Threat Scenario: Mass Casualty Situation

Hosted By:

Allan Cordwell, Head of Group, Emergency Planning, Resilience and Response Unit, The Northern Care Alliance NHS Group, United Kingdom
Carlos Palma-Rojas, Senior Project Manager, Security Research and Counter-Terrorism, Belgian Nuclear Research Centre
Stephanie Meulenbelt, Scientist, National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, The Netherlands


Planned Agenda

08.30 Registration

08.45 Introduction 

09.00 Overview of an attack scenario with mass casualties 

09.30 Attendees in Groups work on the best response procedures and methods

10.15 Coffee Break

10.45 Group 1 Presents

11.00 Group 2 Presents

11.15 Group 3 Presents

11.30 Group 4 Presents

11.45 Feedback on group responses

12.20 Mass Casualty response done by UK at Manchester Bombing - Lessons Learnt

12.40 EU Harmonizing training for responders 

13.00 Overview and Feedback - Q&A

13.30 Close of Workshop/Exercise