Why Attend?

  • Analyse the latest CBRNe Capabilities across EMEA
  • Review the emerging CBRNe threats faced to our governments
  • Understand the importance of Civil-Military cooperation in dealing with CBRNe threats
  • Discuss the developments in Chem-Bio threats to major cities
  • Network with leading CBRNe professionals from the public and private sectors

CBRNe Summit Europe 2018

Rome, Italy
17th April 2018 - 19th April 2018

Speaker Biographies

General Claudio Graziano

Chief of the Italian Defence

Ministry of Defence, Italy

Brigadier General Sossio Andreottola

Head, Joint NBC Military School

Ministry of Defence, Italy

Brigadier General Roberto Biselli

Deputy Head, Health Service

Italian Air Force

Rear Admiral Cesare Fanton

Health Services Inspectorate

Italian Navy

Rear Admiral Pasquale Guerra

Commander, Naval Air Training Center

Italian Navy

William Alberque

Head, Arms Control and Coordination Section, Political Affairs and Security Division


Colonel Fabrizio Benigni

Commander of the 7th NBC Defense Regiment "CREMONA"

Ministry of Defence, Italy

Colonel Pietro Spagnoli

Commander of 3rd Wing

Italian Air Force

Douglas Ledingham

Acting Assistant Director, CBRNe and Vulnerable Targets Sub-Directorate


Gioacchino Giomi

Chief of the Italian Fire Brigade

Ministry of Interior, Italy

Fabrizio Curcio

Head of the Civil Protection Department

Prime Minister's Office, Italy

Manuele Pianese

Head of CBRNe Risk Unit, Department of Firefighters, Public Rescue and Civil Defence

Ministry of Interior, Italy

Captain Amandine Vignon

Assistant Commander

Paris Fire Brigade

Dr. Tarik Jasarevic


World Health Organisation (WHO)

Stefano Miorotti

CBRN Area General Manager


Colonel Ramli H Nik

Senior Fellow, Faculty of Strategic Studies and Defence Management

National Defence University, Malaysia

Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Harvey

CWMD Plans and Programs

U.S. European Command

Lieutenant Colonel Andrea Gloria

CBRN Battalion Commander, 7th NBC Defense Regiment "CREMONA"

Ministry of Defence, Italy

Lieutenant Colonel Andrea Dainese

Course Director, Protection Department

NATO School

Captain Bobby Baker

Radiological Operations Support Specialist 

Dallas Fire Rescue

Bill Finn

Sales Manager

GSD Innovation

Ludovic Ouvry



Patrick Mullan

Principal Scientist, CBR Division


Dr. Laura Cochrane

Director, Medical and Clinical Affairs

Emergent BioSolutions

Dr. Cornelius Bartels

Deputy Head, Global Biosecurity

Robert Koch Institute, Germany

Dr. Huw Loaring

Regional Sales Director Europe and Africa, Detection

FLIR Systems

Dr. Francesco Marelli

CBRN Risk Mitigation and Security Governance Programme

United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI)

Dr. Ulrico Angeloni

Head of National Department of Public Health

Italian Red Cross

Scott Cullimore

Regional Sales Director


Professor Mariarita Gismondo

Head of the Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology, National Reference Laboratory for Bioterrorism

University Hospital Milan, Italy

Dr. Andrew Bartko

Research Leader


Dr. Hazem Matar

Senior Research Fellow, Research Centre for Topical Drug Delivery and Toxicology

University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Dr. Antonio Fasanella

Head of Anthrax Reference Institute

Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale of Puglia and Basilicata, Italy

Professor Luisa Borgia

Deputy President

National Bioethics Committee of Republic of San Marino

Dr. Steve Photiou

Disaster Medicine Specialist, Lead Physician, EMergency Department

Sant'Antonio Hospital, Italy

Giuseppe Sedda

Head of Physical Protection of Nuclear Plants

Institute for the Protection and Environmental Research - ISPRA, Italy

Professor Roberto Mugavero



Dr. Massimo Ranghieri

Research Scientist, Institute of Molecular Sciences and Technology

National Research Council (CNR), Italy

Mason H. Soule

Public Health, National Security and Counter-Proliferation Expert

Consultant, USA

Major General (Ret) Enrico Spagnoli

Former Head of the Italian Joint NBC Military School


Dr. Lorenzo Coppolino



Mason H. Soule

Public Health, National Security, and Counterproliferation Expert


Luisa Franchina


Italian Association of Critical Infrastructures Experts

Dr. Giulio Giomi



Stefano Scaini



Stanislav Abaimov