Why Attend?

  • Analyse the latest CBRNe Capabilities across EMEA
  • Review the emerging CBRNe threats faced to our governments
  • Understand the importance of Civil-Military cooperation in dealing with CBRNe threats
  • Discuss the developments in Chem-Bio threats to major cities
  • Network with leading CBRNe professionals from the public and private sectors

CBRNe Summit Europe 2018

Rome, Italy
17th April 2018 - 19th April 2018

University of Rome

The Department of Electronic Engineering (DIE) of University of Rome “Tor Vergata” was founded in 1983 and now counts about 150 people, including faculty, staff, and cooperating personnel.In terms of traditional scientific areas, the department’s expertise lies in the disciplines of control theory, electronics, electrical engineering, measurements, opto-electronics, telecommunications but also safety, security, defence and intelligence However, today research is typically carried out with multi-disciplinary approaches, dealing with specific application scenarios and systems. In this since the beginning, many of the DIE teachings and research activities have had the aim to develop, deepen and promote national and international scientific and technical education, studies and researches in the field of Territorial Protection, Safety, Security and Intelligence. In particular the Research Area “Security and Defence” offers expertise in the following sectors: Homeland Security, Military Defence, Civil Defence, Civil Protection, CBRNe Risk and WMD Counterproliferation.