Why Attend?

  • Analyse the latest CBRNe Capabilities across EMEA
  • Review the emerging CBRNe threats faced to our governments
  • Understand the importance of Civil-Military cooperation in dealing with CBRNe threats
  • Discuss the developments in Chem-Bio threats to major cities
  • Network with leading CBRNe professionals from the public and private sectors

CBRNe Summit Europe 2018

Rome, Italy
17th April 2018 - 19th April 2018

University of Republic of San Marino








The “Center for Security Training and Education” (CUFS) of state University of Republic of San Marino is born in 2010 moving from an approach centered on scientific research and training to an approach oriented to the application of the discipline and to the solving of problems connected to the security area.

Starting from this first phase, the CUFS, thanks to the several professionals and skills which have been improved through years, today is an international Center of Excellence for analysis, dissemination, innovation and growing of sciences in the field of security, defence, intelligence and territorial risk. This achievement has been also possible thanks to the activities of design, development and promotion of studies, research, dissemination, networking, education and training,. These activities have the objective to address and support the know-how's growth and innovation in methodologies and technologies of public and private Institutes and Organizations operating in the area of Security Defence & Intelligence. Moreover, the very same activities are applied also to specialists, technicians, experts, professionals and researchers such as to everyone who is interested in these issues.

For these reasons, the CUFS' commitment is providing a comprehensive and integrated vision of security trough definition of strategic scenarios and assessment of methodologies, resources and techniques about systems and solutions.

Moreover the CUFS is committed, in both a theory and practice, in training and dissemination activities through conferences, workshops, seminars and post-graduate courses. This activities aim to create a system based on knowledge, skills and professionals able to move in the new scenarios and to answer to the new challenges connected with the new risks.

By this way it would be possible to define issues concerning each sector and to link them to risks, strategies and protection for every risk profile, providing also tasks and technological tools which should be used in each area.