Why Attend?

  • Analyse the latest CBRNe Capabilities in the region
  • Develop your understanding of how emerging countries are assisting each other to build strong CBRNe Capabilites
  • Understand first responder techniques used across the region
  • Review the biological threats faced across Asia
  • Discuss the latest Radiation Monitoring and Nuclear Security threats faced
  • Familiarise yourself with how Japan is preparing for the Olympic Games in 2020 - CBRNe training
  • Network with leading CBRNe officials from across the regions government and military forces

CBRNe Summit Asia 2016

Hanoi, Vietnam
5th December 2016 - 7th December 2016



08.45 - 12.30

The ASEAN Country Nuclear Security Education Network

Hosted by: Mr. Ninh Giang Nguyen, Environmental Monitoring and Emergency Response Section Technical Support Center for Radiation & Nuclear Safety and Emergency Response, Vietnam Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety (VARANS)



Sharing information on the nuclear security education, training program at the Southeast Asia Universities and training centers.

Introducing about the first CBRN - Nuclear Security Education program for Graduate students in Southeast Asia countries.

Sharing and discussion on the benefits for the countries in Graduated students’ perspective and updating of the engagement/contribution to the Nuclear Security activities.


Topics of Discussion

  • Current available Nuclear Security education and training program in ASEAN.
  • Post - graduated network and activities in the subject of Nuclear Security in ASEAN.
  • Expecting on further cooperation and promotion for Nuclear Security in ASEAN.



9:00 - 10:00  Introduction of the Nuclear Security (Engineering) program (3 presentations could be from: Thailand - Chulalongkorn University, Malaysia, Singapore or Philippine)

10:00 - 10:30  Introduction to the 1st Nuclear Security program at the Chulalongkorn University, organizational structure and students’ activities.     

10:30 - 10:45  Coffee break 

10:45 - 11:30  Graduated students’ perspective for the first NSS program and post activities. (3 presentations from the NSS’ alumni)

11:30 - 12:30  Panel discussion on current status and future cooperation. Wrap up. 



13.30 - 16.00

CBRN risks, capabilities and responses: from awareness to action

Hosted by: EU CBRN CoE Project 46 






The workshop will focus on possible training and policy opportunities towards a potential SEA regional action plan against CBRN threats, in relation to two main action lines: reinforcement of inter-agency coordination for crisis management, and improving biosafety and biosecurity capabilities. Discussion will focus on learning objectives in the design of training programmes, lessons to be learned from field experience and national policies, emerging needs and opportunities at the regional level.