Why Attend?

  • Hear knowledgeable presentations from the leaders in the CBRNe community
  • Discuss the latest techniques for detecting a threat
  • Analyse industry case studies of past CBRNe disasters
  • Gather information on how the military responds to such threats
  • Network with senior officials from across Europe

CBRNe Summit 2014

Brno, Czech Republic
26th March 2014 - 28th March 2014

Event Overview

CBRNe threats are once again at the forefront of many Governments across the globe with many eyes looking at the possible use of Chemical Weapons in Syria and the threat from North Korea not too long ago. CBRNe Summit 2014 will discuss the different responses from Governments and Military to CBRNe threats.

Detecting a CBRNe threat is always developing and Governments and Defence Ministries need to look back at past cases to identify the best and most effective way to combat a CBRNe threat. With many hazardous devices being hard to identify it is critical that the public sector are up to date with the latest detection technologies provided by key CBRNe players in the private sector.

CBRNe Summit 2014 will discuss the latest threats and analyse the most efficient ways of detecting the threats before the attack happens. With in-depth presentations from the industry leaders from the public and private sector this is an event not to miss out on. Taking place in Brno, Czech Republic to allow attendees to meet with senior officials from NATO JCBRN Defence Centre of Excellence to learn the latest ways of combating different types of CBRNe disasters.

Interested in speaking, exhibiting/sponsoring or attending please email us at events@intelligence-sec.com