Why Attend?

  • Review the effect of BREXIT on the UK Border Force
  • Analyse the future of the Schengen Agreement
  • Understand the amendments to UK immigration laws and policies
  • Discuss the latest API/PNR systems being adopted across Europe
  • Develop an understanding of EU policies regarding the large number of migrants entering Europe
  • Network with leading border security officials from the UK and across EMEA

Border Management & Technologies Summit 2017

London, United Kingdom
31st May 2017 - 2nd June 2017



08.30 - 16.00

31st May 2017

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As a pre-cursor to the 2017 Intelligence-Sec  Border Technologies Summit, Fortinus Global Ltd will be running a workshop entitled “What next for Border Management?”

The Programme will be interactive and participants will be invited to contribute to interactive discussions and presentations on latest thinking in modern day border management techniques. The Fortinus Global team has a broad range and depth of experience in Border Management both in the UK and internationally, bringing latest insights into the 3 critical concepts of modern day border management - Multiple borders, integrated border management, and identity management. The workshop will bring together experts from border control agencies and technology suppliers to consider how Border Transformation has developed in recent years, and how new and emerging technology can support future development in this field.

The Programme will commence with a look at key developments in Border Security from 9/11 to the present day, covering the major critical incidents of our time including the London attacks of 7/7; the management of Border Security during the London 2012 Olympics; the attacks in Paris and Belgium in 2015 and the Berlin Christmas market attack in 2016. How have Border Agencies reacted to these events, and what more can be done to prevent attacks in the future?

The workshop will then focus upon three of the major topics of interest in modern day border control - passenger targeting and the development of “passenger information units”; the increasing use of biometrics in immigration and border management systems; and the concept of contactless free flowing border control.

Our team has significant experience of UK and international immigration and border transformation projects. Each session will be led by subject matter experts who are actively pursuing these principles internationally. They will be providing valuable insights into the very latest thinking on future border management. We will consider the vexed question of passenger data and targeting centres, including a look at national border targeting centres and passenger information units; something many countries are now developing. We will examine how these principles may be transferred beyond the aviation sector to other forms of travel, notably maritime. We will look at the use of biometrics in border control, ranging from e gates to the challenges of delivering biometric  entry / exit systems - something that the US and others rate as a top priority for effective and efficient border control. We will also look at the concept of “seamless” or “frictionless” borders, and research currently underway to turn this into a reality.

Finally we will examine how Fortinus Global can support control agencies and technology suppliers in their common goal to build better borders, including how international organisations can act as a catalyst for change.



08.30     Coffee / Registration

09.00     Welcome and Introductions - setting the scene                Tony Smith

09.15     Border Security - past, present and future challenges        Tony Smith

10.00     E Borders - what worked and what didn’t?                      Ian Neill

10.45     Coffee Break

11.15     Passenger Targeting / Information Units - what next?        Ian Neill

11.45     Biometrics and Visas - the UK story                              Nick Southon

12.15     Biometrics and the future - the border officer and the passenger experience     Frank Smith

13.00     Networking Lunch Break

13.45     Automated Border Controls - what next?                         Ian Neill

14.30     PROTECT: The “Seamless” Border                                 Chris Hurrey

15.00     The “Swiss Army Knife” approach to border control            Chris Hurrey

15.30     Wrap up & next steps                                                 Tony Smith

16.00     Close of Workshop