Why Attend?

  • Meet with leading government officials from across EMEA
  • Discuss the pros and cons of ABC systems
  • Analyse the issues with migration across Europe and what is needed to improve the situation
  • Develop your understanding of IBM strategies in Eastern Europe
  • Review Identity Management systems being used by governments across Europe
  • Network with leading officials from across EMEA

Border Management & Technologies Summit 2015

Istanbul, Turkey
12th May 2015 - 14th May 2015

Event Overview

Now entering our 3rd year of our Border Management event, we will look into emerging countries that are making significant improvements to their border security. The event will also look into the new technologies and paradigms being developed to create more efficient borders..

With more airports across Europe using ABC systems we will gain different perspectives from industry experts who will discuss the pros and cons of ABC across Europe. With more migrants looking to cross borders across Europe many border guards are becoming frustrated at the lack of resources given to tackle the problem, this event will see analyse whether there needs to be greater international cooperation to assist border guards across Europe.

Our 2015 event will also take a greater look into the borders in Eastern Europe and their IBM strategies and future roadmap. 

Identity Management systems being developed at borders are becoming more sophisticated and our event will look into the different techniques used by border forces across Europe. The EU is focused on creating Smart Borders and the use of biometric systems are being pushed through to key travel hubs across the EU.

To take part in our international event either as a speaker, exhibitor or as a delegate please contact us at events@intelligence-sec.com or call us on +44 (0)1582 346 706