Why Attend?

  • Opportunity to meet with 250 border security experts
  • Discuss the latest border management techniques across EMEA
  • Analyse the threats of terrorism across borders
  • Visit a vibrant exhibition showcasing the latest technologies for securing borders
  • Listen to in-depth presentations on border regulations

Border Management and Technologies Summit

Istanbul, Turkey
2nd July 2013 - 5th July 2013

Trends in biometrics: the future of border management


The EBG Workshop ‘Trends in Biometrics’ provides an overview on current developments in biometrics, including technology, deployments, industrial progress, policy aspects and various other topics that are relevant to the understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of biometric deployments. Topics of the workshop are:

-      introduction to biometrics (general principles of face, finger, iris, statistical basis, human involvement etc.)

-      standards, testing and evaluation

-      market overview (competition, interoperability, vendor selection)

-      biometrics for border control and national identity management (registration, organisation, security)

-      biometrics and social networks (identification, grouping, profiling)



Before designing a policy on biometrics or the architecture of a biometric system it is crucial to understand the interconnections between the behavior of the core biometric technical principles and the strategic objectives of a deployment. The great power of biometrics can only be achieved when a good balance exists between technology, processes, procedures and human interaction. If not, this great power may easily turn into its greatest weakness, resulting in lower performance, higher costs, privacy infringements and even social outrage. For those attending this workshop it may mean the start of a more comprehensive understanding of the principles of designing a biometric application. A better embedding of the application into its organizational and societal context, as well as higher performance rates and reduced costs of ownership may be the ultimate results. Examples of existing projects and deployments will be discussed. Finally,  the workshop might provide new inspiration while encouraging innovative approaches and solutions.



Because of the multidisciplinary nature of biometric deployments individuals with various backgrounds will benefit from this workshop: policy makers as well as system designers, program developers as well as Chief Technology Officers. Participants do not need to have a technical background. This workshop will be relevant to all those who are dealing with biometrics from a policy, technical, legal, ethical and even political point of view, and who are seeking to understand the potential of biometric projects and deployments, but also the kind and nature of the various complexities.



Max Snijder, CEO, European Biometrics Group