Why Attend?

  • Opportunity to meet with 250 border security experts
  • Discuss the latest border management techniques across EMEA
  • Analyse the threats of terrorism across borders
  • Visit a vibrant exhibition showcasing the latest technologies for securing borders
  • Listen to in-depth presentations on border regulations

Border Management and Technologies Summit

Istanbul, Turkey
2nd July 2013 - 5th July 2013

Integrated and Multidimensional Approach to Address CBRNE Threats on EU Borders


The proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) is today potentially the greatest threat to EU security.For that the international effort to mitigate chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) risk has to be included as a priority also in the borders surveillance and control.

In this, multi-agency cooperation, teamwork and interoperability is one of the largest challenges in coordinating an efficient and effective CBRN response. 

The Workshop provides, with information from professionals and experts charged with the task of preparedness, mitigation and response to CBRN crisis situation and events, a focus on:

- chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear, as well as proliferation and non-proliferation, matters with the goal of better understanding how to address the CBRN Threat;

- international agencies roles, activities and responsibilities with the goal of a concrete overview for a fully integrated system and a multidimensional approach to better utilize human and technological resources;

- initiatives, projects, best practices and operational experiences.


Benefits of Attending

The workshop, through a combination of presentations and interactive discussions, will allow:

- to know the current status of international CBRN programs, initiatives and activities

- to hear experiences, lessons identified and lessons learned in order to promoting cooperation and strengthening existing networks and capacity buildings in the field of CBRN risk mitigation 

- to learn from experienced international lecturer and recognized experts the latest developments in the field



13.30  Registration & Coffee

14.00  Institutional Capacity for CBRN Risk Mitigation: The EU CBRN Centres of Excellence Initiative

Dr. Michael Thornton, Institute for the Protection and Security of the Citizen (IPSC), European Commission - Joint Research Centre

14.30  New System and Technologies to Address CBRNe Trafficking

Leonardo Quattrocchi, Selex ES

15.00  Civil-Military Cooperation and Integration for CBRNe Protection and Defence

Colonel Rainer Schulte, Director Transformation Support Department, NATO JCBRN Defense CoE

15.30  Coffee Break

15.45  Common, Comprehensive, Integrated and Multidimensional Approach for CBRNe Events Management

Professor Roberto Mugavero, President, Italian Observatory on Security and CBRNe Defence (OSDIFE)

16.15  Improving Information Sharing and Transferring Best Practices in Promoting a Comprehensive CBRN Approach

Dr. Francesco Miorin, Regional Coordinator - Regional Secretariat for South East Europe, Southern Caucasus, Moldova and Ukraine, UNICRI

16.45  Interactive Panel Discussion

17.15  Closing Remarks