Why Attend?

  • Opportunity to meet with 250 border security experts
  • Discuss the latest border management techniques across EMEA
  • Analyse the threats of terrorism across borders
  • Visit a vibrant exhibition showcasing the latest technologies for securing borders
  • Listen to in-depth presentations on border regulations

Border Management and Technologies Summit

Istanbul, Turkey
2nd July 2013 - 5th July 2013

Event Overview

Border Management is becoming a top priority in Europe with an increase in human trafficking, illegal immigration and drug smuggling and acts of Terrorism. Many border agencies are developing new efficient ways to protect borders and lower the risk of illegal activities taking place in their respective countries.

With international travel and imports and exports increasing annually there is a greater need for countries to implement tougher borders, to lower the risk of human trafficking, money laundering and drug smuggling. This Border Management and Technologies Summit will discuss the latest immigration laws and the latest systems being employed to lower the risk of illegal activities taking place on their borders including access controls, biometrics, ABC, Surveillance, Profiling and CBRN Detection.

Border Management & Technologies Summit will discuss key topics such as the increased use of biometrics at international borders, analysis of individual border controls, international cooperation and the daily threats border agencies deal with on a regular basis.

Don’t miss out on the chance to develop your understanding of border management and to discuss the latest use of technology in securing borders from the threat of illegal activities and acts of terrorism happening across borders.