Global Security Conferences and Exhibitions

Our Mission

Intelligence-Sec is a fully integrated Conferences and Exhibitions Company managing and producing topical events for the security industry. Our mission is to become the most recognisable and well respected events company within the security sector.

All our global events are well researched and discussed with industry experts. Intelligence-Sec's main objective is to ensure that all our attendees gain the best value for money when they participate in one of our events. We endeavour to provide extensive networking opportunities throughout our events to make sure attendees have the chance to speak with industry experts alike.


Forthcoming Events

  • 25th
    Maritime Surveillance Middle East
    Doha, Qatar

    Surveillance in the maritime domain is pivotal within the Middle East with high volumes cargo being passed through the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Gulf of Aden. This is a key event to review the latest piracy threats to cargo ships and fisheries. To protect the key trade going through the region the surveillance of these waters is mission critical.

  • 5th
    Mine Action Seminar
    Ankara, Turkey

    Landmine clearing continues to be a priority in Turkey.  Some clearance activities had taken place by military itself and by some private companies. Turkey undertook to destroy or ensure the destruction of all anti-personnel mines in these areas as soon as possible but not later than 1 March 2014.

  • 25th
    CBRNe Summit 2015
    Rome, Italy

    Our 2nd CBRNe Summit will provide attendees with an overview of the key CBRNe threats that are being faced across the globe. The main event focus will be on the threat intelligence of a CBRNe attack on a city, airport, train station, shopping mall, power grid, nuclear plant etc.   

  • 21st
    Cyber Intelligence Asia 2015
    Manila, Philippines

    Cybercrimes are continuing to increase across the world and still many governments are still struggling to identify the threat until it is too late. Cyber Intelligence Asia is now in its third year and will provide attendees unrivalled opportunities to meet with the regions senior government officials who deal with cyber security.

  • 12th
    Border Management & Technologies Summit 2015
    Istanbul, Turkey

    Now entering our 3rd year of our Border Management event, we will look into emerging countries that are making significant improvements to their border security. This event will look into the pros & cons of ABC as well as the borders in West Africa and Central Asia.